Action Tool Kit

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Action Tool Kit

Use the tools in this action kit to work with the public institutions around Maryland to get out of their contracts with the incinerator!

Campaign Videos to share: 

A great introduction to the issue that also shows what we are proud of in the community:

Curtis Bay residents speak out about the incinerator:

A powerful display of creativity and leadership from our presentation to the Baltimore City School Board:

Sample letters to modify and send to public institutions:

A letter we wrote to the Baltimore City School Board:

A letter by artists to the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Walters Art Gallery:

Petitions to circulate and present to public institutions: 

Printable Sunflower Photo Petition:

Online Petition:

Powerpoint Presentation on the Incinerator to review and share:

Link to presentation with a wealth of information on the issue:

Frequently Asked Questions:


FreeYourVoice_Roots4 More Ways to Get Involved

1. Join our ‘Free Your Voice’ Facebook group to stay up to date on upcoming events and information.

2. Volunteer your time to help spread the word to all of your friends and family: email if you’d like to help.

3. Sign our online petition to stop the incinerator:

4. Free Your Voice! Share your story about why this issue matters and how it impacts you! Write it down, make a quick cell phone video recording and email



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