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Fair Development March to Stop the Incinerator!

Dear Friends, Thank you for supporting and joining us in yesterday’s March to Stop the Incinerator. It was a huge success. Over a hundred people came out, and made the trek from the school down East Patapsco Ave to the incinerator site, less than a mile away. There we held a ceremony in honor of … Continue reading

Faith and the Environment

We spent our Sunday at Old Otterbein Church. We were welcomed into the Sunday service to help lead a sermon based on our work to stop the incinerator and to fight for our human right to a healthy environment. It gave us a chance to reflect on the faith we have in our basic human rights … Continue reading

Don’t Trash Our Community: Governor O’Malley, Stop the Incinerator

Sign Our Online Petition to Stop the Energy Answers Incinerator. For the health of our community and our children we are calling on Governor Martin O’Malley to stop the proposed trash burning incinerator from being built in Curtis Bay. If built the Energy Answers Incinerator would be the largest of its kind in the nation, … Continue reading

Our Community Is Not a Dumping Ground!

This video was produced by Free Your Voice, a youth group at Ben Franklin, a high school less than a mile away from the proposed incinerator. The students are fighting to stop the incinerator.  

We are not alone in not knowing about the incinerator in our own neighborhood

  We have been canvassing the neighborhood asking community members if they knew about the plan to build the nations’ largest trash burning incinerator less than a mile away from our school. Almost no one had ever heard about the project and almost everyone had major concerns. We will keep learning and sharing what we … Continue reading

Out of sight out of mind

          Today we learned that back in 2008 the only monitor to keep track of pollution levels in Curtis Bay was removed. We are trying to understand why this decision was made by the Maryland Department of the Environment. The more we research this incinerator proposal the more we are finding … Continue reading

Curtis Bay has some of the highest levels of toxic air pollution in the nation

Community members live with this everyday and know it through their experience. Reading the statistics is still shocking though.