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Our Incinerator Fight in Context

Please take a moment to read the article titled “EPA’s next challenge: Protect communities in nation’s industrial dumping grounds” by Brentin Mock over at It does a great job presenting some of the complexities and challenges of pursuing Environmental Justice in communities that have historically been treated as dumping grounds.  Here’s an excerpt from … Continue reading

Free Your Voice! Stop the Incinerator Anthem

Free Your Voice is a human rights committee of United Workers. We are a group of leaders, largely students, who work to understand our world and how we can build genuine unity to solve the problems we all face. Two years ago we learned about the plan to build the nations’ largest incinerator less than … Continue reading

An Environmental History of Fairfield/Wagner Point

We continue to look back at the history of development and the environment with this amazing account of Fairfield beginning in the 17th century. Access it here:

Studying our past to change our future

As we continue our work to stop the nations’ largest incinerator from being built less than a mile from schools in Curtis Bay, we are looking back. We are looking back to understand how our current problems are deeply rooted in the past. We are reaching back to find inspiration in the stories of those … Continue reading

Powerful Statement for Zero Waste against Incineration

Recipients of the Goldman Environmental Prize, the world’s largest prize honoring grassroots environmentalists, issued this statement to the California state government on the dangers of incineration. The message is clear and should be shared with any community searching for positive paths forward that put our health and environment first. We desperately need to read and share this … Continue reading


Today we presented at the Roots Conference. We connected with hundreds of students and teachers about the incinerator campaign and the need to put the health of our city first. Students and teachers from all parts of the city shared insights and stories about how the issue affects them and people they care about. The day … Continue reading

Students and Teachers Uniting to Stop the Incinerator

  Today re-affirmed our idea that the incinerator is an issue that affects all of us and that people all across the city care deeply about. We met amazing students and teachers at Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy and discussed the incinerator issue with them. By the end of the day we also knew … Continue reading

This issue belongs to all of us

The students of Free Your Voice feel this issue deeply. Knowing that the nations’ largest incinerator is planned to be built less than a mile from our school is not easy to ignore. We also realize that this issue – the issue of the health of our communities and our environment – is one that … Continue reading

Public Institutions across the state agreed to buy energy from the incinerator

Fair Development March to Stop the Incinerator!

Dear Friends, Thank you for supporting and joining us in yesterday’s March to Stop the Incinerator. It was a huge success. Over a hundred people came out, and made the trek from the school down East Patapsco Ave to the incinerator site, less than a mile away. There we held a ceremony in honor of … Continue reading