We Demand Fair Development! Stop the Incinerator!

A Step Forward for Fair Development!


Trash Burning Incinerator Ordered to Halt Construction!

Big news in our fight to stop the incinerator! Energy Answers has been ordered to halt construction of what would be the nations’ largest trash burning incinerator. The company failed to purchase pollution offsets and faces 8 million dollars in fines. This is a big step in our fight to stop the incinerator and our journey to make clean air a human right.

On Thursday June 26th 2014 we gathered outside of Benjamin Franklin High School to celebrate this moment. We recognize it as a step forward for Fair Development and as evidence that the voice of the community is beginning to be heard. We have a long way to go towards ensuring that everyone’s right to breathe clean air is respected and that no one’s life is cut short because of where they are born.

Check out early coverage of our Human Rights Press Conference where we made the announcement about the major developments in the campaign to Stop the Incinerator:


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