We Demand Fair Development! Stop the Incinerator!

Free Your Voice! Stop the Incinerator Anthem


Free Your Voice is a human rights committee of United Workers. We are a group of leaders, largely students, who work to understand our world and how we can build genuine unity to solve the problems we all face. Two years ago we learned about the plan to build the nations’ largest incinerator less than a mile from our high school and elementary school in Curtis Bay. The incinerator is an example of failed development that violates our basic human rights. Free Your Voice is organizing a campaign to put the health of our communities first and to stop the incinerator.

Double Impact is an incredible musical duo made up of sisters Audrey and Leah. Audrey and Leah are also leaders with Free Your Voice and wrote this song about the fight for our basic human rights. Please watch and share with your friends!
The incredible Double Impact, members of Free Your Voice, wrote this song to invite everyone to join us to and make your voice heard. Please share this video with your friends!

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