We Demand Fair Development! Stop the Incinerator!

Fair Development March to Stop the Incinerator!


Dear Friends,

Thank you for supporting and joining us in yesterday’s March to Stop the Incinerator. It was a huge success. Over a hundred people came out, and made the trek from the school down East Patapsco Ave to the incinerator site, less than a mile away. There we held a ceremony in honor of those in the community that already have asthma, cancer, and other respiratory illnesses due to the toxic pollution in the neighborhood. Below is a quick recap of the day in images, sound, and video, compiled by our media team.

The march began with a rally at Ben Franklin High School, led by the members of our “Free Your Voice” youth human rights committee.

“Yes, Curtis Bay has a long history of air pollution,” said Destiny Watford, a Towson University student and member of Free Your Voice. “But just because that’s the way it’s always been. Doesn’t mean that that’s the way that it always has to be… We can change the fate of the community and the fight for that change, starts right here, right now.”

After the rally, everyone filed out of the school for the march to the incinerator. Marchers held banners and sunflower signs, and chanted “What do we want? Fair Development! When do we want it? Now!”

Here is a quick video of some raw clips from the march.

The march ended with a ceremony at the site of the proposed incinerator, less than a mile away from Ben Franklin High School, in a region that already registers some of the nation’s highest levels of toxic air pollution. Here is a short videoof the speeches at the closing ceremony, produced for the Baltimore Post-Examiner.